Seminar 5: Inequality, Wages and Finance (29th November 2016, Open University London)

Seminar 5: Inequality, Wages and Finance

Seminar 5 in the series was held at the Open University (London) on Tuesday 29th November 2016.

Seminar 5: Inequality, Wages and Finance 

14:00-16:00 Nadia Garbellini (University of Bergamo) Inequality in the XXI century: A critical analysis of Piketty’s work


Engelbert Stockhammer (Kingston University) Determinants of the Wage Share: A Panel Analysis of Advanced and Developing Countries

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break


16:15-18.15 Sarah Marie Hall (University of Manchester) Everyday Austerity: Family Life, Finance, and Facing Multiple Front


Jonathan Perraton University of Sheffield) Inequality, Debt and Consumption – Evidence from European Economies       

18:15-18.30 Closing Summary

Andrew Trigg (Open University)


Pictures from the seminar:

Nadia Garbellini begins her paper to start the 5th seminar


Engelbert Stockhammer introduces his paper on the determinants of the declining labour wage share


Sarah Hall discussed the impact of austerity using an ethnographic approach


Jonathan Perraton outlines ranging evidence from Europe and the US regarding the relationship between debt, consumption and inequality.




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